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The world is crazy right now. Our newsfeeds are overrun with doom and gloom that make us want to go right back to bed and scream into our pillows. But there’s another story that’s playing out if you know where to look: one about a world that is actually getting better.

Today, solar startups thrive in the heart of coal country. New farming methods in the Great Plains draw carbon dioxide out of the sky. Zero-emissions bus fleets zoom across the Southwest. And Fortune 100 companies embrace waste-free economic models as part of a new industrial revolution.

Powering this progress is a new generation of leaders, diverse in every way — in who they are, where they work, and how they apply their know-how to the problems confronting humanity and the planet.

At Grist, we’re committed to telling this story of hope, and accelerating the pace of change, through a program called Fix.

The Fix network combines solutions-oriented journalism with gatherings and other activities that bring together a growing community of Fixers — folks who are helping to blaze a path to a better future.

What the Fix team does:

Our aim is to pry you out of bed in the morning, to inspire you with a narrative of change, and to help chart a path to a future that doesn’t suck. Our mantra: Less freaking out, more figuring out.

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Top: Members of the Grist 50 Fixer network at Brooklyn Grange (Shadia Fayne Wood / Survival Media Agency)