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“Comic Con” is a new series at Grist where we convert a previously published story into a graphic explainer. The images below are based on Grist’s 2020 wildfire season coverage.

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More resources: How apocalyptic this fire season is – in 1 flaming chart Oregon’s air quality is so far beyond ‘hazardous’ that no one knows what it means for health This Oregon forest was supposed to store carbon for 100 years. Now it’s on fire. Election day is nearing, but there’s no end in sight to Trump’s attacks on science We’ve spent 100 years growing a tinderbox across the West. Now it’s wildfire season. With wildfires on the rise, indigenous fire management is poised to make a comeback The idea of a ‘natural’ disaster is going up in flames Meet the DIY firestarters trying to save California from itself ... Read more

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