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What a roller coaster. For the first time, it felt as if climate was on the ballot. Joe Biden chose action on climate as one of his closing arguments heading into Election Day (“Climate change is the number one issue facing humanity, and it’s the number one issue for me,” he said last weekend), a sign that the topic had finally become politically potent. And it was the first, and only, issue Biden pointed to immediately after the election (other than, duh, to count the votes).

I’ve been waiting for this moment since I was a teenager. I watched the election results Tuesday night in an open barn with friends, masked up and safely distanced from each other, with my kids now expressing the same type of interest in politics that I did (only, neither of them dressed up as Mike Dukakis for Halloween when they were in the sixth-grade. Ahem). It all felt so hopeful. Then the days-long pause.

As a kid myself, I used to attend town meetings in Lexington, Massachusetts, loving the process of arguing things out, making decisions, and then going back to being neighbors. That process, democracy, can feel pretty broken in the country right now. But if you s... Read more

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