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Climate Business


2021 was an “oh shit” year for climate awareness. Catastrophic heat waves and hurricanes, rapidly rebounding emissions, and a sobering IPCC report were but a few things that made it abundantly clear that we have dwindling time to act — and the action we take today will, at best, stabilize our climate decades in the future. We’ve already sentenced ourselves to some level of damage.

But doom and gloom is never the full story. More awareness of this existential threat and the repercussions sure to come means that more people than ever are engaging with environmental and social justice issues. This year, the Keystone XL pipeline officially died, after a decade of organizing led largely by Indigenous water protectors. The pandemic prompted a bike boom that seems to be holding strong in many cities. Harvard divested from fossil fuels. Shareholders saw some wins in pressing oil companies like Exxon and Chevron to get real about slashing emissions. And although it’s not as ambitious as some activists and progressives had hoped, Congress has set in motion a record investment in climate change mitigation, adaptation, and ... Read more

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