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Today, I’m excited to introduce a new look and renewed focus for Grist. We are the same Grist our audience has turned to over the years for vital reporting on our changing planet, but we’ve also grown and expanded our work – and I hope you’ll see that reflected in our updated website and new tagline: “Climate. Justice. Solutions.”

When Grist began in 1999 as a pioneering digital publication, our primary focus was raising awareness about the most existential threat we face. Today, three-quarters of Americans recognize that climate change is happening – a huge transformation and necessary building block for the public will to address the climate crisis.

But today brings new challenges: Less than a third of Americans understand how climate change is inextricably bound to social, economic, and racial justice, and still fewer – less than a fifth – believe we can even solve the climate crisis. Our belief is that these are the areas that demand our attention. Today, Grist is dedicated to re-writing the climate story.

As we know well, the clock is ticking. We don’t have time to waste to slash our emissions to lessen the greatest impacts of climate change. ... Read more

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