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If you own a Tesla, you might be accustomed to waiting a long time when your car needs a repair. You might have also noticed there aren’t a lot of independent shops able to take on the job. But that could start to change soon, thanks to a groundbreaking new “right-to-repair” law Massachusetts voters approved at the polls this month.

On November 3, Bay State residents overwhelmingly voted in favor of Question 1, a ballot measure that requires auto manufacturers grant vehicle owners and third-party repair shops access to wireless data needed to fix cars. The measure will apply to all automakers whose vehicles stream so-called “telematic” data via wireless networks, but it could be particularly significant for Tesla, maker of some of the most connected and computerized cars in America. Tesla, which has made it difficult for independent shops to fix its cars and which joined veteran automakers in vigorously opposing the new measure, may soon have to give its customers a wider peek under the digital hood.

If Question 1 works as it’s intended to, “that would allow us to really be able to quickly and efficiently diagnose someone’s vehicle,” said Rich Benoit, a co-founder ... Read more

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