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It may be Arbor Day, but it’s generally a tough time to be a tree lover. That’s according to the latest edition of The World Resources Institute’s Global Forest Review, which found that millions of trees were removed in 2021, potentially putting global climate goals at risk.

“We’re losing a lot of forest cover,” said Mikaela Weisse, Deputy Director of Global Forest Watch, or GFW. “That’s definitely alarming, especially given all the commitments and attention towards forests.”

The report, which is released by WRI annually, looks at global forest data and tree cover loss. According to Elizabeth Goldman, Global Forest Watch’s senior GIS research manager, the group was particularly interested in this year’s numbers. Last November at United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP26, 141 countries signed the Glasgow Leader’s Declaration on Forests and Land Use committing to “halt and reverse forest loss by 2030.” 

But despite those promises, the group found that the world’s pristine forests were destroyed at a “relentless” rate in 2021. The latest analysis highlighted old-growth forest loss (also known as “primary” fo... Read more

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