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Grist is a nonprofit, independent media organization dedicated to telling stories of climate solutions and a just future. Our goal is to use the power of storytelling to illuminate the way toward a better world, inspire millions of people to walk that path with us, and show that the time for action is now.

Nikhil Swaminathan | Interim CEO & Editor in Chief

Natasha Berman | Chief Operating Officer

Lucia Priselac | Director, The Uproot Project

Tiernan Hebron | Social Media Manager, The Uproot Project


Tristan Ahtone | Editor at Large

Clayton Aldern | Senior Data Reporter

L.V. Anderson | News Editor

Eve Andrews | Staff Writer

Amelia Bates | Senior Designer

Katherine Bagley | Executive Editor

Teresa Chin | Deputy Editor

Matt Craft | Senior Editor

Emily Jones | Reporter, Georgia

Julia Kane | Environmental Justice Fellow

Diana Kruzman | Midwest Fellow

Katherine Lanpher | Special Projects Editor

Joseph Lee | Indigenous Affairs Fellow

Jesse Nichols | Video Producer

Shannon Osaka | Reporter

Daniel Penner | Senior Video Producer

Emily Pontecorvo | Reporter

Naveena Sadasivam | Senior Staff Writer

Chad Small | Data Fellow

Zoya Teirstein | Staff Writer

John Thomason | Features Editor

Lina Tran | News and Politics Fellow

Joseph Winters | Newsletter Reporter

Kate Yoder | Staff Writer


Rachel Bouton | Senior Manager, Networks and Events

Jaime Buerger | Managing Editor

Lisa Jurras-Buchanan | Co-Director

Marigo Farr | Climate Solutions Fellow

Izania Gonzalez | Intern

Joshua Kimelman | Project Coordinator

Darel Scott | Entrepreneur in Residence

Chuck Squatriglia | Senior Editor

Jessica Stahl | Co-Director

Tory Stephens | Climate Fiction Creative Manager and Network Weaver

Claire Thompson | Associate Editor

Mia Torres | Editorial Designer

Innovation & Growth

Christian Skotte | Director of Innovation and Growth

Jason Castro | Digital Producer, Audience

Mignon Khargie | Art Director

Megan Merrigan | Deputy Director, Audience

Gabe Schneider | Content Partnerships Manager


Chip Giller | Founder


Jess Alvarado-Lepine | Director, Membership

Alexandra Comer | Development Manager

Jeff Giza-Martin | Salesforce & ESP Administrator

Pat Schmitt | Director, Development

Michelle Thompson | Foundation Relations Officer

Brian Troyer | Senior Manager, Business Development


Ayesha Pacholke | Senior Human Resources Advisor

Bekah Cardwell | Director of Finance

Marijo “MJ” Mendoza | HR Manager

Board of Directors

John Alderman | CEO, CarCare To Go

Gino Borland | CarbonQuest

Susan Chira | Editor-in-Chief, the Marshall Project

Michelle DePass | CEO of Meyer Memorial Trust

Chip Giller | Grist

C’Ardiss Gardner Gleser | Philanthropy Consultant, Black Ivy Collective

Kristen Grimm | President of Spitfire

Elise Hu | Co-founder, Reasonable Volume

Susan L. Kaufman | Susan L. Kaufman Consulting

Bill McKibben |

Eugene Mirman | Writer and Comedian

Donna Moodie | EVP, Community Roots Housing and

Owner, Marjorie’s Restaurant

Julian Brave NoiseCat | Writer

Kavita Ramdas | President and CEO, Nathan Cummings Foundation

Jeff Resnick | Formerly Goldman Sachs

John Vechey | Pluto VR and PopCap Games

Brady Piñero Walkinshaw