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Tristan Ahtone is a member of the Kiowa Tribe and serves as Editor at Large.

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Makanalani Malia Gomes, a Pacific representative of the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus, speaks at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

This story is published as part of the Global Indigenous Affairs Desk, an Indigenous-led collaboration between Grist, Indian Country Today, and High Country News.

The Global Indigenous Youth Caucus on Thursday demanded that the United Nations send investigators to Hawaii to probe the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility, a series of World War II-era reserve tanks which have leaked at least 14,000 gallons of fuel-laced water into Honolulu’s groundwater aquifer. The Caucus also urged the U.N. to re-inscribe Hawaii on the list of non-self governing territories – a move that would classify Hawaii as a colonized territory alongside Guam, the Falkland Islands, Western Sahara and 14 others. 

“We are supposed to have access to water for our ceremony, for clean drinking water,” said Makanalani Malia Gomes, a Pacific representative of the Caucus. “When we ensure Indigenous peoples rights, we ensure the rights of all people of Hawaii, it’s a human right.”

The remarks come as Native Hawaiians demand the U.S. Navy take action at Red Hill after the discovery of the fuel leak last November forced the closure of water wells ... Read more

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