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Climate Updates


Over the past couple of years, Grist’s strategic focus has evolved from sounding the alarm bells of climate change — people understand the climate is changing! — to telling the story of a better future that works for everyone, and elevating the leaders and ideas that will make it a reality. Under this new framework, we’ve deepened our commitment to ensuring the issues of climate change, environmental justice, and climate solutions are accessible to the public — ultimately to inspire and mobilize people to act. 

We accomplish this through three main programs: (1) through our Editorial program, we combat the doom and gloom narrative by telling the story of solutions and justice; (2) through our solutions lab Fix, we elevate and connect diverse, emerging leaders — Fixers — who are the protagonists of that story; and (3) through our Representation and Talent program, we support environmental journalists of color and address racial representation and racial justice in environmental media.

Another element of this evolution was moving on from a brand that was based on the Grist of yesterday to one that fully represents our work and can serve as a platform for ... Read more

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